Eros Importded Dotted Gold Condom (12 PCS)


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Eros Importded Dotted Gold Condom (12 PCS)

Key Features:
  • Eros imported Dotted Condom (Pack of 12-men condoms).
  • Plain condoms with reservoir end
  • Natural Latex condoms
  • Jasmine Masking (1.00%)
  • Dotted and Lubricated
  • Color: Transparent
  • Type: 53mm regular
  • Made in UK
  • Premium Quality.
  • Made from Natural Rubber Latex
  • Individually Lubricated & Electronically Testedd
  • Extra Sensitivity
  • Super protection
  • Delay Condoms
  • Dotted
  • EXP: 2025/01
Package Includes:
1x Eros Importded Dotted Gold Condom (12 PCS)


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