Long Sex Drive Priligy Tablets for Men Pakistan


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Long Sex Drive Priligy Tablets for Men Pakistan

Priligy And Premature Ejaculation

Priligy tablets in Pakistan are the most effective drugs against premature ejaculation. They are used to treat and improve sexual problem like premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a problem in which ejaculation occurs without any delay and it is the element of frustration for most of the men. This medicine is composed of safe ingredient i.e. dapoxetine hydrochloride which helps to remove the sensitivity of males penis and thus help in the delayed erection. Delaying in a period of erection or ejaculation means that you can do and enjoy sexual intercourse as long as you want and makes the relationship strong. In this way, both couples enjoy pleasure time. This medicine is best and safe to use before going to bed.

Therapeutic Indications of Priligy Tablets

  • Age – Those males who are at 16 to 64 years of their life, Priligy tablets in Pakistan are indicated for the premature ejaculation treatment for those people.
  • Free From Other Diseases – Those males who are not having other diseases like heart disease or diabetes, this medicine works best for them.
  • Poor Control – Those males who have poor and no control over the ejaculation, they can easily take this medicine. This drug works quickly and fastly.
  • No Allergy – The medicine is indicated for those men who don’t have any type of allergy in the body.

Precautions To Use Priligy Tablets

It is important to know the warnings and precautions of using Priligy tablets in Pakistan. You need to check whether the drugs are good for you or not.

  • The medicine must be used and taken by those men who have a diagnosis of premature ejaculation. Avoid using this medicine if you don’t have any sexual problem.
  • Physicians should investigate and make a proper diagnosis and prescribe this medicine for the sexual problem.
  • If you have minor symptoms of headache or nausea, decrease the dosage of medicine and skip the medicine for some time.
  • Try to take the medicine with water or solid healthy food.
  • If you are taking antidepressant drugs, then avoid using Priligy. First, you need to stop antidepressants and then take Priligy for better results. Avoid the mixture of two drugs because the chemical reactions occur differently.
  • Do not drive a car if you have taken this medicine. This medicine can make you dizzy and stop operating any kinds of machines.
  • Always try to take the medicine before doing sexual intercourse.

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