Vega 100 Mg Erection Tablets for Men Pakistan

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Vega 100 Mg Erection Tablets for Men

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Vega 100 tablets in Pakistan is a medicine that is used for the treatment of impotency or in other words we can say it is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This tablet is the best medicine for increasing the flow of blood to the penis helping the male to maintain or getting a penis erection. Vega 100 medicine is also known as the blue pill tablet.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem where a male loses the ability to erect the penis and this makes him stressful. This occurs because the blood flow to the penis is not enough and it needs to be increased. So, Vega 100 tablets in Pakistan are prescribed which helps in a large amount of blood flow. The affected person needs to take Vega 100 tablets just 1 hour before having the sex and even in an empty stomach. As every medicine takes time for the reaction in the body so, it is necessary to take it before you plan for the sex time.

Reactions of Vega 100 Tablet in Human Body

Vega 100 mainly takes 30 minutes to react in the male body and after that, you can easily enjoy your best sexual part of life. If the male is sexually stimulated, then this Vega medicine is best and help in the erection. The most important thing is that you need to take it only once in a day and if you don’t have the impotency then never try to take it as it also induces different side effects in the body.

The interesting fact is that Vega 100 drugs can be used by women for the treatment of PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension). The high blood pressure in the lungs as well as in the heart can lead to disturbance in your body. So, this tablet is also used to treat this disease as well. Vega 100 works in PAH and mainly relaxes the human body’s blood vessels which are important to relax in this situation.


Always remember that don’t take Vega 100 with nitrates as it can be harmful. When sexually aroused, Vega 100 helps the penis for the erection purpose. So, try to use Vega 100 only when needed and avoid to use this tablet with nitrates as it can lead to harmful effects on the human body. Always try to follow the instructions and never increase the dosage without consulting your doctor.

Vega 100 tablets in Pakistan can never be chewed and crushed. Always use it with water and fix a time to have this medicine before sex. Vega comes in different mg forms and always use this tablet according to your problem and as prescribed by your doctor.

If he asked you to take Vega 100 tablets then never go for Vega 50 mg tablet. Try to follow all the rules and regulations prescribed by the doctor. Vega 100 tablets mainly contain Sildenafil citrate which is equivalent to 100 mg in it.  Vega 100 is a very effective medicine for the proper functioning of the penis and belongs to PDE 5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitors group. The Vega 100 tablets are easily available in Pakistan with all the instructions.

 Make Sure This product is Safe For You, Tell Your Doctor If You Have:

1-heart Disease, Heart Rhythm Problems;
2-a Recent History (In The Past 6 Months) Of A Heart Attack, Stroke, Or Congestive Heart Failure;
3-a Personal Or Family History Of Long Qt Syndrome;
4-high Or Low Blood Pressure;
6-liver Disease, Kidney Disease (Or If You Are On Dialysis);
7-a Blood Cell Disorder Such As Sickle Cell Anemia, Multiple Myeloma, Or Leukemia;
8-a Bleeding Disorder Such As Hemophilia;
9-a Stomach Ulcer;
10-hearing Or Vision Problems, History Of Vision Loss;
11-an Eye Disorder Such As Retinitis Pigmentosa (An Inherited Condition Of The Eye);
12-a Physical Deformity Of The Penis (Such As Peyronie’s Disease); Or
13-if You Have Been Told You Should Not Have Sexual Intercourse For Health Reasons.
In Karachi Can Decrease Blood Flow To The Optic Nerve Of The Eye, Causing Sudden Vision Loss. This Has Occurred In A Small Number Of People Taking Viagra Or Other Drugs Similar To Vardenafil. Levitra In Lahore Most Of These People Also Had Certain Pre- Existing Eye Problems Or Risk Factors For Blood Vessel Disorders (Such As Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Coronary Artery Disease, Smoking, Or Being Over 50 Years Old). It Is Not Clear Whether Vardenafil Is The Actual Cause Of Vision Loss.
Store At Room Temperature Away From Moisture And Heat.
Do Not Crush Or Break The Tablet. Do Not Take More Than One Tablet Within A 24-hour Frame!!
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