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Ever Long Sex Timing Tablets online Shop Pakistan

Everlong Tablets best Treatment of Sexual Problems

Everlong tablets in Pakistan are developed for premature ejaculation treatment. Premature ejaculation is one of the most irritating phenomena in which men ejaculate early or suddenly. During sexual intercourse, when both partners are enjoying with each other and want to do sex for a long time but premature ejaculation becomes an element of frustration in men. So, in order to treat this problem, we have a variety of medications that help in the proper treatment of this problem.

The medicines play an effective role and have an everlasting effect on the body. It is necessary to follow all the instructions of your doctor and try to take the medicine once a day. The active ingredient i.e. dapoxetine is the main composition of Everlong medicine which produces long-lasting and sudden effects in the human body. The main purpose of the drug is to increase the timing of ejaculation in those men who want to do sex for more than 4 hours.

The interesting thing is that working of this drug happens by inhibiting the transporter of serotonin which helps in delaying the period of ejaculation in males. The sensitivity of the penis can be corrected by taking the accurate dosage of the tablets.

Working of Dapoxetine

Dapoxetine is the fast-acting tablet that was developed to treat sexual issues like premature ejaculation. Taking this medicine first time or taking the first dose of this medicine means that you don’t need to worry about any problem of sex. If you take Everlong tablets in Lahore 30 minutes before involving in sexual intercourse, then you will be able to overcome the issue of premature ejaculation. Do not take this drug before 5 minutes of sexual intercourse.

Just try to take it half an hour before sex because the chemical reaction takes time. Along with the premature ejaculation, it is used for the betterment of erectile dysfunction. For the impotent individuals, this drug is heaven. It mainly increases the action of serotonin and hence promoting the delay in ejaculation is not a big deal for this medicine. It is the member of a family of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors which has the nature of absorption in the human body immediately and suddenly. It is a fact that fast-acting property of dapoxetine, makes it suitable and best for premature ejaculation.

Benefits of Everlong Tablets in Pakistan

Everlong tablets in Pakistan are the powerful and most effective drugs against premature ejaculation.

  • Control Penis Sensitivity

The drugs help in controlling the sensitivity of the penis and hence control the sexual issues.

  • Increase Sexual Stamina

Help in increasing the sexual stamina in males and thus, they can easily enjoy with a partner and do sex as long as they want.

  • Sexual Desire

The sexual desire is very important for life. This medicine helps in increasing the desire of sex in couples and in this way, they can enjoy the period of physical intimacy which is important to make the relationship strong and powerful.

  • Long Duration

The most interesting benefit of using these tablets is that they have the least side effects in the body and thus, work for a long duration. You don’t need to take a high dosage.

  • Effect of One Dose

One dose is enough for the improvement of sexual problems. It is the best suitable medicine for those people who have low endurance to do sex and thus, provides as the best sexual supplement to those men.

  • Erectile Performance Booster

The medicine is the best to boost erectile performance and help in increasing the sexual timings in the couples.

  • Free From Side Effects

It is amazing to know that the herbal ingredients make this medicine free from side effects and whenever you have a desire to use, you can use it freely without tension. If you want to increase your ejaculation timings, try this medicine and you will be free from sexual problems.

 Make Sure This product is Safe For You, Tell Your Doctor If You Have:

1-heart Disease, Heart Rhythm Problems;
2-a Recent History (In The Past 6 Months) Of A Heart Attack, Stroke, Or Congestive Heart Failure;
3-a Personal Or Family History Of Long Qt Syndrome;
4-high Or Low Blood Pressure;
6-liver Disease, Kidney Disease (Or If You Are On Dialysis);
7-a Blood Cell Disorder Such As Sickle Cell Anemia, Multiple Myeloma, Or Leukemia;
8-a Bleeding Disorder Such As Hemophilia;
9-a Stomach Ulcer;
10-hearing Or Vision Problems, History Of Vision Loss;
11-an Eye Disorder Such As Retinitis Pigmentosa (An Inherited Condition Of The Eye);
12-a Physical Deformity Of The Penis (Such As Peyronie’s Disease); Or
13-if You Have Been Told You Should Not Have Sexual Intercourse For Health Reasons.
In Karachi Can Decrease Blood Flow To The Optic Nerve Of The Eye, Causing Sudden Vision Loss. This Has Occurred In A Small Number Of People Taking Viagra Or Other Drugs Similar To Vardenafil. Levitra In Lahore Most Of These People Also Had Certain Pre- Existing Eye Problems Or Risk Factors For Blood Vessel Disorders (Such As Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Coronary Artery Disease, Smoking, Or Being Over 50 Years Old). It Is Not Clear Whether Vardenafil Is The Actual Cause Of Vision Loss.
Store At Room Temperature Away From Moisture And Heat.
Do Not Crush Or Break The Tablet. Do Not Take More Than One Tablet Within A 24-hour Frame!!
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